Bank On Yourself

What is Bank on Yourself?



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What is Bank on Yourself? It's a financial management strategy which uses a unique and flexible vehicle—dividend-paying whole life insurance—to accomplish many different financial goals throughout a person’s lifetime.

Young people use it for college expenses, car purchases, and even financing a home.

More established people use it to finance large purchases like cars, home improvements, or family vacations. They use it to pay off debts or their existing mortgage. 

Business owners use it to purchase or finance equipment or property.

Senior adults use it to build retirement income that will last the rest of their lives, as well as for medical expenses, vacations, travel, and final expenses when that time comes.

Even after you pass, a Bank On Yourself plan can live on as a legacy to your family. It can even go to support a charity of your choice.

All of this, if properly structured, can occur on a tax-free basis. Watch this short video to learn more about how it works:


Bank On Yourself can help you finance your cars, a college education, business equipment and other large purchases, develop a solid financial plan for your family’s future, and build retirement savings you can count on (while also potentially saving you taxes in your retirement years). It does all of this without the usual market risk.

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