Annuities & IRA's


Annuities help you accumulate tax-deferred funds for retirement and receive a guaranteed income, if you desire, for life—or any other specified period of time. Though annuities are hot right now, they've been in existence for more than two centuries. We can help you choose among several different types of annuities designed to meet your specific retirement needs.

IRAs, otherwise known as Individual Retirement Accounts, are highly popular tools for contributing retirement funds that grow on a tax-deferred basis until you withdraw the money from the account. Some types of IRA even accumulate tax-free. IRA contributions are limited to a certain amount each year and certain IRA pans can also qualify as tax deductions. Get in touch with our team to learn which kind of IRA is right for you.

From retirement income to protecting your assets and family, annuities and insurance can play a key role in your overall financial plan. Contact us today at 806.352.3480 to learn more.

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