Increasingly popular but often misunderstood, life settlements are financial tools that can transform unneeded or underperforming life insurance policies into lump sum cash settlements. This involves the sale of an existing life insurance policies whose funds generated are greater than the policy's surrender value (and less than its net death benefit). Don't let an unneeded policy become a wasted asset when, in many instances, it can generate substantial capital.

Why consider a life settlement?

  • Your policy is no longer needed or wanted
  • You can get a more appropriate insurance policy at a better rate
  • Your healthcare costs or other financial burdens have created unforeseen needs
  • Your premium payments have become unaffordable
  • Your employment status has changed
  • Your financial circumstances have changed (i.e. divorce, bankruptcy, death of a spouse, limited cash reserves)
  • Your investment needs have changed (i.e. estate planning, charitable giving, changes in tax law)

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